My own domain / Min egen domän

There’s been some problems lately with Typepad, and I got tired of looong periods of downtime for blogs they host. So I decided to look elsewhere, and went with WordPress and my very own domain (, which actually came out cheaper than Typepad! I also decided to merge my two blogs – the one on my genealogy research, and the one on my life in general.

Now, my posts on life in general will continue to be in English, and only in English! There’s a limit to how much time I want to spend translating stuff…

But my posts about my genealogy research will continue to be in Swedish, with an English translation at the end!

Welcome to my domain! / Thess


Det har varit lite väl många problem med Typepad på sista tiden och jag tröttnade helt enkelt. Började “shoppa runt” och bestämde mig för att flytta till WordPress och en helt egen domän (, vilket faktiskt blev billigare också! Jag bestämde mig också för att slå ihop dom två bloggar jag hade – den om min släktforskning, och den om livet i allmänhet.

Det jag skriver om livet i allmänhet kommer jag fortsätta att bara skriva på engelska! Det finns gränser för hur mycket översättningar jag har tid med…

Men alla inlägg om min släktforskning kommer att fortsätta skrivas först och främst på svenska men med en engelsk översättning på slutet!

Välkomna till min domän! / Thess

Going through stuff

I’ve been going through old photos for something work-related and found pics I had no idea I had… Does that mean I take too many? Is there even such a thing as taking to many photos?

Anyway, I found this pic of Håkan Hellström among all the other gazillion pics I have of him after many years of touring… I took it at the end of a concert at Gröna Lund, Stockholm, in September 2011. The confetti machines were doing their best blowing the confetti out over the audience. But the wind took command and carried most of it back on stage…


Macbeth, Malcolm III och jag…

Alla har väl hört talas om Macbeth?! Shakespeare's tragedi bygger på historien om hur den skottske kungen Duncan dödas genom lady Macbeth's intriger. Macbeth blir kung men blir så småningom själv dödad och Duncan's son Malcolm blir kung istället. Pjäsen innehåller häxor, galenskap och lite annat smått och gott som inte stämmer helt överens med verkligheten… Och Verdi skrev en opera med Shakespeare's pjäs som utgångspunkt.

Macbeth_of_ScotlandMacbeth av Skottland

Malcolm III av Skottland, också känd som Malcolm Canmore (Cenn Mor), benämns ibland som grundare av det moderna Skottland. Det kan väl vara att tänja på sanningen en aning, men han var den första i en lång rad skottska kungar som kämpade för att befria Skottland från skandinaviskt styre. Huset Dunkeld/Canmore kom att härska över Skottland i nästan 250 år tills huset Stewart tar över.

Malcolms far, Duncan I, dödades av Macbeth under slaget vid Pitgaveny 1040. Hans familj flydde och sökte skydd på annat håll. Det är oklart om dom sökte skydd söderut, hos Saxarna. Eller norrut, på Orkney-öarna. Macbeth blev kung och styrde i 17 år, men dödades i sin tur i slaget vid Lumphanan 1057. Det påstås att det var Malcolm själv som dödade Macbeth under striden. Men Malcolm blev inte kung vid Macbeth's död, utan kronan gick till Macbeth's styvson, Lulach.

Lulach var son till Gruoch, verklighetens Lady Macbeth och hennes första man, Gillacomgean. Lulach hann bara vara kung av Skottland i 8 månader, innan han också blev dödad av Malcolm i slaget vid Essie 1058. Malcolm kröntes vid Scone (Scuin/Sgàin), precis som alla skottska kungar efter honom.


Malcolm III regerar över Skottland när Willhelm Erövraren invaderar England och vinner slaget vid Hastings 1066. Malcolm ger Saxarna som flyr Normandernas intåg en fristad i Skottland, och invaderar själv norra England 1070. 1091 slår Normanderna tillbaka under kung William II (Willhelm Erövrarens son) och tar tillbaka dom norra delarna av England.1092 går Normanderna in i Skottland och Malcolm blir tvungen att se sin son och svåger bli tagna som gisslan och förda till England efter slaget vid Abernethy. Malcolm III blir dödad den 13 november 1093 under slaget vid Alnwick. Han efterträds av sin bror, Donald III.

Vad har det här med min släktforskning att göra? Jo, Malcolm III är min förfader i rakt nedstigande led – 30 generationer tillbaka! Hans far Duncan är 31 generationer från mig. Jag har alltså en förfader som dödades av Macbeth, och en som dödade Macbeth…

Macbeth, Malcolm III and I…

I think everybody has heard of Macbeth?! The tragedy written by Shakespeare built on the history of how the Scottish king Duncan is killed through the makings of Lady Macbeth. Macbeth becomes king but is later killed himself and Duncan's son Malcolm is the new king. The play contains witches, insanity and other bits and pieces that are not really true to reality… And Verdi composed an opera based on Shakespeare's play.

Malcolm III of Scotland, also known as Malcolm Canmore (Cenn Mor), is sometimes called "the founder of modern Scotland". That might be pushing it a bit, but he was the first in a long line of Scottish kings who fought to free Scotland from the Norse. The house of Dunkeld/Canmore were to rule Scotland for almost 250 years until the Stewarts came to power.

Malcolm's father, Duncan I, was killed by Macbeth during the battle at Pitgaveny in 1040. The family fled and sought protection elsewhere. It is a little unclear if they fled south to seek protection with the Saxons. Or north, to Orkney. Macbeth ruled Scotland for 17 years, but was killed at the battle of Lumphanan in 1057. It is said that Malcolm killed Macbeth himself. The crown did not go to Malcolm, but to Lulach, Macbeth's stepson.

Lulach was the son of Gruoch, the "real" lady Macbeth and her first husband, Gillacomgean. Lulach was only king for 8 months, and then he too was killed by Malcolm, at the battle of Essie in 1058. Malcolm was then crowned King of Scotland at Scone (Scuin/Sgàin), as all the Scottish kings after him. 

Malcolm III rules Scotland when William the Conqueror invades England and defeats the English at the battle of Hastings in 1066. Malcolm provides a safe haven for the Anglo-Saxons fleeing north to escape the Normans and invades northern England himself in 1070. In 1091, the Normans strike back under William II and reclaims northern England. In 1092, the Normans cross the border into Scotland and Malcolm is forced to see his son and brother-in-law being taken hostage and sent down south to England after the battle of Abernethy. Malcolm III is killed on November 13 1093 at the battle of Alnwick. He is succeeded by his brother, Donald III.

What does this have to do with my research? Well, Malcolm III is my ancestor in a straight blood line – 30 generations back! His father Duncan is 31 generations before me. So I have one ancestor that was killed by Macbeth, and one who killed Macbeth…




Chihuly & the Space Needle

My sister's husband needed the car today, so we took the bus in to Seattle. Gasp!!! Public transport in the US? But it worked well. Really well as a matter of fact! And the weather was on our side too – sunny and warm. Even when we went up in the Space Needle!

But we started with the Chihuly Garden and Glass. I saw my first Chihuly installation years ago in Las Vegas. A spectacular ceiling at the Bellagio. My second encounter with Chihuly's work was in a hotel in Salt Lake City. My sister is now (after today) equally in awe when it comes to his work!


Then we rode the elevator to the observation deck at the Space Needle. And we had to have a cheesy, tourist pic taken!!!


A quick visit to see the Seattle Gum Wall… Kind of disgusting – but quite fascinating!


Then a quick tour of Pike's Place Market…


… before having lunch in the sun down by the water!



“A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee”


My sister has never seen "Twin Peaks"… When she suggested a trip to Snoqualmie Falls, I excitedly said: "That's where they found Laura Palmer's body!". She gave me a blank stare… Well, most of "Twin Peaks" was filmed in the Snoqualmie/North Bend/Fall City-area. The Great Northern Hotel actually exists, but with the name Salish Lodge & Spa, perched on top of the cliff right next to the waterfalls. If you want to, you can visit most of the sites in "Twin Peaks". The Visitor Information Centre in Snoqualmie even provides you with a special map! The only place we chose to visit, apart from the Snoqualmie Falls, was the "Double R Diner" where agent Cooper ate his Cherry Pie! It's not really called the "Double R Diner", but "Twede's Cafe" and is in North Bend. But they do serve the famous Cherry Pie and "A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee"!


The neverending curve ball…

It's been a wonky summer… Not one that we expected, but maybe slightly anticipated in some weird way… And when life throws you a curve ball, you're supposed to run with it – right? It's just that this curve ball seems to go on and on and on, and I can feel myself running and running and running… Not 100% sure of where to run, but trying to get there anyway.

We now have no store downtown Gothenburg. No staff. And I don't have an office to go to… Per se. I get my job done at home, one flight of stairs down from my bedroom, or up from our livingroom. I hate it! It's not that I'm dying to go work downtown or anywhere else in particular – it's just that I hate the days that I don't even make it out the front door!

We are starting all over again. On a smaller scale when it comes to certain aspects of our business, but not all. Some things have just continued as they were, some things demand some more work and planning, and some things are still dragging their heels… I'm spending lots of time making phonecalls and filling out forms of all kinds. We are not starting a completely new company, but breathing life into an old, sleeping one… Lots of communicating with the tax people, bank people, insurance people, phone company people. Neverending story…

Our new digs are not ready yet – still in production and the date keeps getting moved. In the totally wrong direction according to me!!! The husband has temporary facilities for production, but they're not fit for office work – too dark and murky… So, I'm kind of in limbo…

But, when I do see a glimpse of home plate, I see a future where I don't have to worry about staff not making it to the job, calling in sick or with sick kids when I have something else planned. I see a future where we actually have time to mow the lawn at the summer house and don't have to call in a herd of sheep to clear it. I see a future where December is a month of joy and celebration and not a "work 24/7 all month except the 24th and 25th" kind-of-month. I see a future where all of the husband's ideas will be possible fun and profitable projects instead of "I don't have the f—ing time for this sh-t" chores. I see a future where weekends will actually be days off and vacation is something we might enjoy and not only talk about.

So, if I can only bring this ball home, I might get some peace…


Sommar = nästan ingen forskning

Jag började släktforska just på sommaren förra året, men i år har forskningen gått på sparlåga! Det kan ju faktiskt ha två ganska starka orsaker… Det första är att vi har en turné att åka på denna sommaren, och det hade vi inte 2012! Det andra är att vädret är ju så vansinnigt mycket bättre i år än förra året! Sitta inne med datorn är inte så himla lockande…

Men – jag är snart tillbaka!!! Så fort regnet och kylan sveper in, kryper jag upp i soffan med laptopen i knät och fortsätter gräva mig bakåt!


Summer = almost no genealogy

I started my research last summer, but this summer has been slow genealogy-wise! I think there are two very obvious reasons… First of all, we're doing a tour this summer and we didn't in 2012! The other reason is that the weather is sooo much better this year compared to last year! Spending time inside with the laptop is really not that alluring…

But – I'll be back soon!!! When the rain and the cold come knocking, I'll take up my position on my couch with my laptop and continue my dig through the past!